Sis Bates Adidas Announcement

February 25, 2022 – Players Collxctive is excited to announce that Sis Bates has signed a landmark four-year partnership deal with Adidas. This partnership with Adidas puts Bates as the face of their softball line and includes a collaborative effort between Bates and Adidas to grow opportunities for girls in the sport of softball.

The former Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year and 3-time All American from the University of Washington continues to make plays off the field through endorsement deals. Bates, known for her defensive craftsmanship and glowing personality on the field, has become a focal point for brands looking for a female athlete ambassador. Bates is currently a volunteer coach for the Washington Husky Softball team and will return to Athletes Unlimited this summer after finishing ninth overall in her rookie debut.

“I am ecstatic to join the Adidas family as I feel we can grow not only the game of softball, but all women sports, together!” said Bates on her partnership with Adidas. “ I absolutely love the company and everything they are about. Adidas is passionate about growing women in sports and opportunities for all youth. Sport has made me the woman I am today, so I am just so excited to be able to walk this journey with such a wonderful, selfless company.”

Adidas, a German-based company, is one of the largest sportswear manufacturers in the world covering multiple global sports. According to Charley Stobbs, the Director of Sport Marketing for Adidas Softball/Baseball, Adidas is looking to be aggressive in supporting the growth of softball at the grassroots level and they thought Bates was the perfect personality and athlete to help lead their initiatives.

“I am so incredibly passionate about growing opportunities for women in sport,” said Bates. “I come from a small town and my parents created opportunities for me and my siblings to fall in love with sport. I am hoping that together with Adidas, we can create a more inclusive environment for all youth in sport. As a brand, Adidas has already done a wonderful job at giving back to communities in need, and together I am hoping to continue to grow sport through service and opportunity.”

Stay tuned for more information around the activation of Bates’s partnership with Adidas including upcoming appearances and events. You can follow Sis on social media at @sisbates22 and can follow all of our athletes on our Players Collxctive networks including Instagram and LinkedIn.

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